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Justin Ames

10 thoughts on “Connect

  1. “J”
    Where oh where did the mountain climbing trip pics go…..where oh where did they go?

    I cant find the seattle visit pics dude? help…. “M”

  2. Fascinating site. My friends kid me about going to Colombia + Morocco. They should see this website!
    Interesting stuff.

  3. Sup fool…started my blog a while back so you should check it out and give me some pointers. Still loving yours as always but I guess I never subscribed so it would tell me when you posted new ones. Any whoo…hope all is well and KIT. Still can’t believe you’re a hubby!! Oh and I did have a Thai Ice Tea today and it was delish. Peace out God Father…

  4. Do you have any recent update on Mushroom Rock. (Mushroom hole) My family tried to get their yesterday and we were stopped by metal/barbed wire fenceing and the landowner telling us it was private property. Is there other access from further up not on private property or from the water at the bridge on 49?

  5. Hello dear the comment you have ma regarding the Police in Solib temple it is great from you to inform us and we will flow up please send me more details like the day and the group name or the company you have use , etc info please to try to help the others ,all so I want to inform you personally that what you did it easing good from you to climb the temple of solid to shoot your Profe photo I don’t agree with you to do that it is big Mostar from you the temple is for all and it is historical site emagin if every one comes like you want to shoot the best photo and climb the temple ???

  6. Nice blog man. I’m usually not into blogs much but the selection of countries in the travel list is nice; plus the info about the places draws you in. Continue the good work!

  7. Travel places like Sudan, Doha and the like must make you a lovely person in the “coming home” line. I love your unique travels to places seen as “security threats”. Just say NO to the propaganda:) Also, Volunteers for Peace is a nice organization to connect with.

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