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2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Journey To The Four Hills Mine

  1. Hi Justin, I found my way here through your You tube channel, TVR Exploring. The
    Velvet Rock is an impressive site. The photography is stunning. Since you freelance,
    you should consider starting your own magazine. Your work is that good.
    I may joke around a little in the comments section but am really a very serious person
    when it comes to exploring and photography. I do not have a degree but took several
    night classes in photography. I am just telling you a little about me as I follow you
    and comment on your TVR channel so you will know who I am when I comment.
    Please keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy all of it. I go by Ody Slim on You
    Tube. I have had that nick name since the 80’s. I was given the name Ody Slim over a game of straight pool late one night in a pool hall. That is what my personal friends call
    me. My real name is Scott Bauer but try not to use it on the internet.
    Thank you for the outstanding work on you tube. My question ( Finally ) is, do you
    sell any of your work. Or can you sell some still from your videos. I would love to buy
    some of your art.
    Best of luck & best wishes to you your wife and friend, Mr Mcbride.
    Regards, Ody

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