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5 thoughts on “Hell On Earth: Indonesia’s Ijen Sulfur Mine

    • Thank you. Haha, some places are easier to get to than others and this one would rank fairly high on the “hard” side of the scale…

  1. As always, I am in awe of your love of this planet and the people and other creatures sharing its wonders. The danger you expose yourself to in order to better inform us of the appalling conditions associated with how many people have only grievous options of what they can do in order to support themselves and their families shows enormous courage and dedication to eradicating ignorance wherever possible. Thank you for the choices you have made to factually report circumstances around the world; from the astonishingly beautiful to individual and group events that are truly hell-on-earth defined. May the Universe continue to bless us with your intelligence, creativity, and bravery as you trek the globe and bring us face to face with many facets of the reality of this planet that we ignore at our peril. May life bring you comparable joy and wonder in thanks for the work YOU do to open our eyes and our minds.

  2. According to Conservation International, just 17 countries are considered “megadiverse”. Each possesses a vast number of different species – many found nowhere else. And Indonesia is one.

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