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Photo Of The Day: An Abandoned Mine In Nevada

Deep underground in an abandoned mine in Nevada…

abandoned mine nevada


A video of this particular abandoned mine (along with many others we have explored) can be found here:



6 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: An Abandoned Mine In Nevada

  1. Hey Justin, I think it would be awesome to get some parallel lasers setup for your mine treks to help give a sense of size at a distance. Here’s a demo of something like this in operation on an underwater ROV on the EV Nautilus https://youtu.be/pqyKrvk0aZo

    A cheap easy hack might be to repurpose some camera rail kit stuff. like clamping a couple laser pointers in something like this: https://www.amazon.com/SMALLRIG-Camera-Plate-Panasonic-GH5-1674/dp/B0197OP4PU

    I’m an engineer and don’t mind helping design or make something like this for fun.

    I very much enjoy the mine exploring videos you do, thank you for sharing! Cheers!

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