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Photo Of The Day: An Abandoned Mine In Nevada

Deep underground in an abandoned mine in Nevada…

abandoned mine nevada


A video of this particular abandoned mine (along with many others we have explored) can be found here:


8 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: An Abandoned Mine In Nevada

  1. Fascinating hobby. I’d like to “help out” sometime. I offer three different 4WDs:
    1) Truck has 37″ Hummer tires and 488 CID engine.
    2) Jeep has 35″ tires, 4,88 gears, and three, yes three, luggage racks. Seats two.
    3) Buggy has 38″ tires and full roll cage. Seats two.
    *** Front and rear winches available on all ***

    Have read many mining books, hike 10 hours/week, and have other “goodies” that should not be mentioned yet. Semi-retired in S. Colorado.

  2. Hey Justin, I think it would be awesome to get some parallel lasers setup for your mine treks to help give a sense of size at a distance. Here’s a demo of something like this in operation on an underwater ROV on the EV Nautilus https://youtu.be/pqyKrvk0aZo

    A cheap easy hack might be to repurpose some camera rail kit stuff. like clamping a couple laser pointers in something like this: https://www.amazon.com/SMALLRIG-Camera-Plate-Panasonic-GH5-1674/dp/B0197OP4PU

    I’m an engineer and don’t mind helping design or make something like this for fun.

    I very much enjoy the mine exploring videos you do, thank you for sharing! Cheers!

  3. For getting a sense of scale, without sending someone into the scene, perhaps in each mine you can mention the gauge of the rails. Whether it is 24 inches or 15 inches or whatever. That is of course the distance between rails. Either in Old English units or Metric, lol.

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