Prince William Bald?

Although we do not normally stoop to celebrity gossip here at The Velvet Rocket (particularly of the sort that would leave us discussing Prince William’s hairline), a recent encounter left it impossible for us not to have our attention dramatically drawn to Prince William’s rapidly diminishing amount of hair.  Yes, girls, Prince Willy is going bald.  And quickly.  I’m proud to say that I was not aware of this and had the image below imprinted on my mind as to Prince William’s looks:


But, to my surprise, this is what he looks like now:


Don’t fret too much for Prince William though, his considerable financial assets should see him through this difficult transition period…


5 thoughts on “Prince William Bald?

  1. as a guy who has lost hair more slowly, I still think it’s a shame for him, not that he has anything to feel shame about.
    If any of the so-called “treatments” available today were really effective, a person of William’s means would not be going through this.
    A hair transplant would be drastic and invite even more criticism of the poor guy.
    I think it’s tacky that the media even points it out, plenty of those photographers no doubt lack hair also.

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