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Petrobras Tanker Facility In Maceio, Brazil

We spent several days based in Maceio with Brandon and Amanda. On one of these days we decided to walk down the beach to the Port of Maceio.

That would be down here, although you can’t really see the port in this picture and it was taken on a different day. But, trust me, it’s there:

Maceio, Brazil

Petrobras, the increasingly massive Brazilian oil company, has a large terminal at the Port of Maceio and when we hiked down the beach to the edge of the facility, I wanted to check it out:

Petrobras terminal in Maceio

I noticed that there was a small hole in the security fence and so I got down on my stomach to crawl inside and check the facility out.  In the U.S., you’d probably get arrested on suspicion of terrorism for something like that, but here there was no one around.  So, I walked around and took some pictures of the trucks:

Petrobras terminal in Maceio

Frankly, it wasn’t that exciting – just a few trucks and some tanks. However, Petrobras remains interesting to me. It’s one of the largest oil companies in the world now and yet very few people are familiar with the firm:

Petrobras terminal in Maceio

As I was climbing back under the security fence, Brandon suggested I climb the guard tower. This hadn’t occurred to me and I tried the door. Sure enough, it was not locked and I soon ascended the rusty ladder inside to the top:

Petrobras tower in Maceio

A view from the tower:

Petrobras terminal in Maceio

We were all hungry after our long walk down the beach, but fortunately children sell cheaply in this part of town and they are quite filling:

child for sale outside Petrobras terminal in Maceio

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