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An Outlaw’s Cave in Ethiopia

While exploring the Entoto Mountains, my Italian and I were approached by a local boy who, after a brief conversation, offered to show us an “outlaw’s cave” in the woods. Eleonora was slightly reluctant, but I interrupted with, “Yes. Absolutely. Please show us.”

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

And so we were led through the woods along a route I doubt many tourists venture (In fact, we were probably the first):

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

Until we arrived at the cave which is carved into the side of the mountain:

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

Inside it is fairly spartan.  The boy informed me that the area on the left of the floor of the cave is where one would sleep.  The dark space above is a shelf where one can store books, food, gold, guns – or whatever it is that outlaws store.  The opening to the right serves as a window and also provides ventilation:

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

Outside, a seat was carved into a large stone.  And it was surprisingly comfortable.  If an outlaw grew tired of cave life, they could sit out here and work on their tan, or dream about future travelers and caravans to rob, or count their gold or watch the birds or whatever struck their fancy:

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

Another view of the cave – this shows what the window (seen above from the inside) looks like on the outside:

Outlaw's cave in Ethiopia

One can find the most interesting things in the most unexpected places.

4 thoughts on “An Outlaw’s Cave in Ethiopia

  1. I should thank you Justin for taking me around the world in a matter of 30 minutes absolutely free of cost… :).. love all the pics you post…

    • My pleasure, Chaitanya. You also avoided long lines at the airport, getting sick, hassles in obtaining travel visas, etc. You might be on to something…

  2. As a woman I feel a duty to give you some advice, Mr. Ames. The lovely and brave Italian, who accompanies you, deserves a weekend in a luxury hotel after this post. Good Lord what don’t you put her through? :)

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