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Quote Of The Day: Executive Outcomes

executive outcomes

I’ve mentioned Executive Outcomes before… Below is an interesting description of the capabilities of Executive Outcomes at their peak:

Executive Outcomes is capable of rapidly deploying a battalion-strength force almost anywhere in the world with impressive asset support. EO owns a slew of armored fighting vehicles: two Boeing 727s and a C-47, attack aircraft such as Mi-24 gunships and two MiG-23/27 fighter planes and all manner of light and medium artillery.

According to its glossy brochures, EO provides its clients (either directly or through affiliated companies) military training and VIP protection; gold, diamond and oil exploration and mining; airline transport; civil engineering; and even a chartered accountancy and offshore financial management services. Finally, Executive Outcomes also provides its own Russian technicians, medical support, intelligence and infrared photo reconnaissance, and, before the company dissolved in 1999, was reportedly contracting with private firms to provide satellite imagery. With fourteen permanent staff at the time of its intervention in Sierra Leone, EO maintained a database of possible recruits numbering around 2,000.

Executive Outcomes at work across Africa:

executive outcomes

executive outcomes

executive outcomes mercenaries

executive outcomes jet

executive outcomes

executive outcomes  helicopters


We keep a huge file of photographs related to various research projects. The origins of many of the photos we know well. But many sources provided others over a period of years, and many of the sources did not know exactly who made which frame. Some were made by the government, others by families, others by journalists — foreign and domestic. If the photographers’ names are made known to us, we will update and credit them in this post.

4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Executive Outcomes

  1. Read the book by Eeben Barlow ,the founder of and the author of. ” Executive Outcomes” This was the first of the Private Military Companies which led to the spin off copycat companies such as Blackwater, Sandline International and all the other suppliers of contractors to Iraq etc. EO closed its doors in the 1990’s when legislation in South Africa outlawed mercenary activity. To this day, EO remains a Legend and its soldiers both living and dead live on in the memories of those familiar with the era.
    EO was the defining force for Africa. It accomplished what Governments could not do and with a small number of highly trained soldiers and pilots (Mostly South African) It played a key role in restoring peace to Sierra Leone and ending the Angolan war.
    The book details the minutae of the involvement of EO in Sierra Leone and Angola and is a fascinating account. It is Highly recommended.
    RIP EO you are sorely missed!

    • Executive Outcomes was an extraordinary outfit operating at an extraordinary time and I think the world is a less interesting place now as a result of their demise…

  2. Great article, I wish I had of discovered this one earlier. I actually recently got a book called “Corporate Warriors – The Rise of the Privatised Military Industry” and it was the connection with an organisation called Ibis Air that gave EO it’s impressive aircraft inventory. As the book points out, this connection with Ibis Air allowed EO to “deploy a fighting force anywhere around the globe. This is a capability most state militaries lack.”

    Now that is legendary. What is even more impressive is that the book states about Ibis Air/EO, “It also had the capability to lease and operate any type of combat aircraft available.” That is jaw dropping stuff, if true.

    As well as the MiG-23 & 27 “Floggers”, EO also used an Su-25 “Frogfoot” ground attack aircraft (essentially a Soviet A-10 “Warthog” tank buster). Apparently most of the Soviet types were leased from the Angolan Air Force according to the book.

    Definitely agree with Justin that the world is a less interesting place now that EO is gone!

    Well worth getting the book although I don’t think you can buy it as an ebook, I wanted to but couldn’t find an electronic version… :/

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