Programming Notes # 11

The Velvet Rocket is fairly picky about contributions from correspondents as most of the proposals we receive are either not relevant, not original material (in other words, just a repost of material that has already been published elsewhere), or not particularly interesting.

Fortunately, we also receive some gems from time to time, such as that represented by our coverage of the conflict unfolding in Ukraine’s self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic last summer. That particular correspondent, for obvious reasons, wishes to maintain his anonymity.

However, another correspondent is being brought on board that is not shy about sharing his identity… Bernie Debusmann, originally from Mexico City, has a Master’s in International Journalism from City University London. He has worked for Fox Latino in Mexico City and for Reuters in Mexico City, Washington DC and New York and within the week will be relocating to Dubai. You can learn more about Bernie by visiting the “About” section.

I will be posting Bernie’s first article for us very soon.


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