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Photo Of The Day: The Yazidi Girl


Those eyes have seen horrors you would not believe…



And that is not hyperbole, I know the details of her story.






12 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Yazidi Girl

  1. i shudder to hear her story, because she is so young and the truth is ISIS kill Men & boys, old women and babies. They only keep women & girls alive for sex slavery. The answer may disgust. When Palmyra was liberated,a mass grave was found of 43 Yzidi women who were not allowed to live to tell their tale of horror.

      • Bless you for your efforts trying to help them. It may not seem like much, but they have no voice so just telling their story to the world is huge. I imagine the survivours feel like broken people and not at all like they survived?

      • Thank you, Simon. It’s not practical for many of us to be on the front lines with a gun, but, like you said, giving a voice to them is fighting in the way that we can. Actually, the survivors, to their credit, have not been broken by the Islamic State. You’ll still meet the same cheery hospitality and friendliness, although some of the children, such as the girl above, show the impact from the horrors they have experienced more.

        Also, as I mentioned, I have a great revenge story that I really want to share, but I am still waiting for the newspaper to which we gave the story to publish their version of the article so that I can publish mine. The post is written and all I need to do is click “Publish” but cannot do so until they publish theirs.

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