Shooting Two Guns At Once – Experiment # 4

On a visit earlier this year from my good friend Ian Bowman, we had a number of adventures. One adventure was a shooting expedition during which we conducted a double-fisted shooting experiment. This was inspired by Hollywood movies such as “Bad Boys” or “Rosewood” where the heroes utilize two handguns and defeat the bad guys with an overwhelming and accurate stream of fire from both guns.

We decided to put this to the test. I was shooting a .45 and a .357 magnum and aimed for a target about thirty feet away. This was a target that Ian and I had consistently been hitting when just using one gun (both of us are pretty good shots). I fired through both cylinders just like in the movies and didn’t hit the target once.

: I would not recommend attempting to utilize two guns at once. It isn’t very safe and you can’t hit a damn thing.


2 thoughts on “Shooting Two Guns At Once – Experiment # 4

  1. Haha :D

    Great post, and not just because I’m in it. I love your very succinct, and heuristically derived recommendation.

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