India’s Only Female Motorcycle Racer


17-year-old, Alisha Abdullah, is India’s only female motorcycle racer…

She has not merely stormed a male bastion but Alisha Abdullah has actually been racing past her male competitors on her 115 cc four-stroke bike.

This 17-year-old Chennai college girl is the only woman bike racer on the current circuit. She has had quite a few podium finishes in the UCAL Rolon Racing Championships in Chennai and Coimbatore.

Alisha is leaving for Malaysia shortly for a week’s training under former racer Barry Leong, a prelude to her entry into the FIM Championships, to be held in Indonesia, malaysia and China.

Overtaking men

From go- karting to formula car racing to the world of bikes, she has lapped up life on the fast track especially when it comes to overtaking men.

“It’s a great feeling when you defeat the boys and they put their heads down, some even with tears in their eyes. I love speed,” said Alisha Abdullah, Bike Racer.

Racing runs in the Abdullah family. Alisha`s father was a seven time national motorbike champion.

He ensured that daughter dear’s passion for racing was kick started when she was just eight.

“I noticed her potential when she was go-karting. I couldn’t afford to have her continue with cars and bikes suited her well too.” said R A Abdullah, Alisha’s father.

The only speed breaker to this exciting career is the complete lack of sponsorship. But for now parental support is just about enough to help her chase her passion on her bike.

Source:- NDTV

My kind of girl…

6 thoughts on “India’s Only Female Motorcycle Racer


    three days back i have seen article in hindu paper about Ms.Alisha, iam so happy and she has become one of great example for womens.iam wish to become best world women racer.



  2. hey everybody,
    Want to enter car racing, the previous message had wrong mail id.
    Kinldy post this one.
    Kindly guide on this.
    Preeti, Mumbai

  3. hi,
    nice to know that alisha’s dad supported her.but can any body help me to enter car racing iam really good at it. as alisha feels when she defeats any boy i also feel the same.the differnce is iam in a small town.but have the caliber.iam 17.contct me if any body can help me.

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