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Visiting Dharmarajika and Sirkap Taxila

Well, as long as I’m covering ruins and the like, I might as well finish off this set before moving on to the more exciting stuff and going back to the writing-based series…

This is Sirkap, a part of the ancient metropolis of Taxila. Several thousand years old, this site has only recently been excavated. It is primarily the foundations of the buildings that survive and you can see the grid of buildings and streets stretching to the horizon here…


This is the building where Alexander the Great is said to have stayed when in this region… It was kind of cool to walk up and down the same steps as may have been traversed by Alexander the Great.


One of the Buddhist stupas in the area…


As I have mentioned previously, the Buddhists loved to construct sites that are a pain in the ass to get to. The Dharmarajika stupa of Taxila which was constructed in the 1st century AD on a mountain overlooking Taxila is no exception… This is just the start to the many, many steps one needs to climb to get to the top.


However, the recently excavated site at the top makes the trek worth it as the artwork is quite rewarding to observe. And unlike in war-torn Afghanistan, much of it is still intact…




This was the view from the top of the mountain. I clearly remember taking this picture. I hadn’t slept in 48 hours as we had just arrived in Pakistan, but I was so pumped up to be here that I wasn’t tired at all.


One thought on “Visiting Dharmarajika and Sirkap Taxila

  1. This is very interesting, beautiful photos, unbelievable! In 1973 we travelled from Norway to Kuwait by car, followed part of Alexander the Great´s route, Dubrovnik, Makedonia, Dardanelles,Troja, Efesus, Side (Å. went to Egypt), we went on to Gaziantep, Urfa (very interesting history), visited Niniveh and Garden of Eden. In 1982 two weeks visit to India and Nepal, visited many stupas, temples, beautiful antique cities, and in India Khajuraho (old temples) New Dehli, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Udaipur Bombay, Elephanta Caves, so much to see, so much to learn.

    Can imagine how exciting it must have been to be in Dharmarajik, hard to believe how far Alexander the Great travelled, all the way to India. The photo of the stupa in Afganistan, phantastic!

    Understand Sirkap is in Pakistan, where in Paistan?

    Thank you for interesting information!

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