Girl # 47


Easily bored thrill seeker who has tried sky diving, bungee jumping, river rafting, mountain climbing and snowboarding, but doesn’t find anything exciting enough. Would like to move to Alaska and raise sled dogs, but doesn’t like cold weather. Teaches karate to kids, swims a mile every morning, and still has energy to burn. Has gone through six boyfriends in two years, since none could keep up with her. Finds women too self-centered and men too wimpy. Possibly afraid of serious commitment and left home on her eighteenth birthday. Was raised in Beverly Hills in a wealthy family, and tried living in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Haiti, but found the poverty too depressing. Can’t imagine finding Mr. Right anytime soon, and isn’t even looking. Has considered college, but isn’t good at memorizing facts. Has been told to grow up, find her niche, get realistic, stop running around, make some plans, save her money, stop eating meat, set some goals, lay off the coffee and quit taking risks, but she doesn’t live her life that way.

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