Journey of the Night Goat (or My Place in London)…

*** UPDATE – Although I now live in Swiss Cottage, it’s fun to look back on this time when I was slumming in Old Street…The Old Street post continues below in its original and unedited format. ***

This is the view out my window to some apartments and businesses across the way.

Not much of a closet is it?

At least I get my own sink.  So, if I’m feeling lazy, I don’t have to go down the hall to piss.

I’m joking, but I know plenty of guys that have done that and see nothing wrong with it.

My desk and books.

And my bed (with blankets, sheets and pillows furnished by a nearby Argos) with a Time Out on top.

Step out my front door and look to the left and this what you’ll see.  I took this late in the day and so most of the shops are closed.

Look to the right and this is what you’ll see.

The windows directly above the flower shop are our kitchen.

The neighborhood…  For those of you playing along at home, the nearest Tube stop is Old Street.

4 thoughts on “Journey of the Night Goat (or My Place in London)…

  1. Sir, If you’d like to take this opportunity to go fuck yourself, please, don’t even waste time with lube.

    Goddamn. O.k., so it’s not ultra luxe, but one can certainly live with less when one is in a civilized place that offers rewards in the manner that London does. My head hurts I’m so envious.

  2. Hey “J”
    Looks great over there in London! Makes me feel like a Pint & Chips Ol’ Chap….
    Your room looks very cozy and the Hood looks very peaceful but playful.

    You said… TUBE STOP! hahaha
    Stay Cool Lil’ Bro… “M”

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