BAD JET: Flying With The Boy

Bad Jet

When Bad Jet Was Young He Was A Good Jet. He Loved His Country, His Family, His God. When War Came, Bad Jet Went To Defend His Country. He Didn’t Want To Kill But When His Friends Were Killed He Killed In Return. At First It Was Hard To Kill But Then It Got Easier. He Became Good At Killing. He Was A Hero, He Was Decorated And Everybody Loved Him. When The War Was Over He Came Home, Got A Job, Had A Wife And Lived Happily Ever After. Or So It Seemed. All But The Dreams.

Bad Jet

2 thoughts on “BAD JET: Flying With The Boy

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  2. Big hat tip to Chris Holter – We’ve finally learned the author of this piece written on the wall of the Alexanderplatz subway stop in Berlin…

    Robin van Arsdol

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