Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 3

Christ, here we go again… It has taken me a while to recover from the last installment, but due to popular demand it seems I must respond to the requests of my dear readers and indulge all of you yet again.

So, let’s get right into it…

Ummmmm. The world’s stupidest tattoos?


bad tattoos

I wonder what this guy’s childhood was like?


Or this guy’s?


Girls, here’s a guy you can take home to meet the parents…


Or perhaps this guy?


How about “freak” as in, “These skin burning tattoos freak me out”


Whoa, that is classy. I’ll bet Michael Jackson would have appreciated that one… Actually, who am I kidding? I’d be pumped up if a girl tattooed me on her ass. Seriously pumped up…


How about fuck the “Systsem” that taught you to spell instead?


This is a man. No, really, it is!


Man, this guy is confident.


This one stood out to me not so much because of the tattoo, but because of the crazy contortions this chick went through to get this picture…


OK, this one did make me laugh.  I wonder how it would go over in Pakistan or Iraq though?

A suicide tattoo?  Suicide vest anyway...

A Van Gogh fan?

A Van Gogh inspired tattoo?

You are just begging to get into a bar fight with a tattoo like this…

This is definitely going to provoke trouble

That’s pretty direct, but you’ve got to respect a girl that knows what she wants.

A helpful tattoo for girls

Wow, this is even more direct. I’m sure her parents are proud of their little girl.

A tattoo in bad tase?  No pun intended...

Maybe this is her sister? I’m sure her parents are proud of her too…

Are mummy and daddy proud of your tattoo?

Speaking of bad tattoos, how about some of these:

Horrendous. It looks like he tried to cover up the flowery shit on his arm, but, of course, it just draws more attention to it.

One horrendous tattoo

Jesus Christ. It’s pretty hard to embarrass me, but I wouldn’t be seen with this guy.

One of the worst tattoos ever

See, even this guy’s friend is making fun of him.

The more of this tattoo you see, the worse it gets...

I hope this is a joke, but I fear that it is not:

A spooky tattoo

Zero self-esteem. And one horrible fucking tattoo.

A very bad idea and a very bad tattoo

Gives new meaning to the phrase “A hurricane triggered by a butterfly’s wings”…

A horrible tattoo

I predict the owner of this tattoo grew up in a trailer park in rural Georgia and was a teenager when he had this done. Probably even thought it was cool at the time…

The worst tattoo

I sure hope this is a memorial tattoo for the girl in the picture and that she isn’t alive to see this.

The worst tattoo ever?

This one isn’t necessarily bad in the way the tattoos above are bad, but I would think it is certainly a bad idea – especially if the gentleman pictured ever goes to prison where he would immediately become the most “popular” inmate…

A really bad tattoo to have in prison

Let’s get away from the mistakes for a minute… Check out these vintage tattoos:

Considering the standards and technology of the time, I think they are fairly decent.

Good vintage tattoos

Pretty good vintage tattoos, huh?

And given the standards and technology of our time, I thought these were pretty decent:

An amazing tattoo?

An amazing Japanese tattoo

Cool hummingbird tattoo

bird on back tattoo

Cool elephant tattoo

Interesting octopus tattoo

Peacock tattoo

dinosaur tattoo

Jaguar tattoo

Venus fly trap plant tattoo

A hornet or bumblee tattoo


fish tattoo

I must have a thing for flora and fauna today, huh?

OK, so how about dragons instead? I thought these were good as well:

the best dragon tattoo?


great dragoon tattoo

tattoo design

cool dragon tattoo

And, of course, no post about good tattoos would be complete without a nod to the Yakuza:

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

Well, all harmony must come to an end. So, check out some of these body modifications:

Oh, and, yes, I am aware that these are not tattoos, but who cares?

tongue modification

zipper on tongue

extreme piercings

insane body modifications

ugly piercings and body modifications

extreme piercing on back

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10 thoughts on “Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 3

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  4. Few tattoos were nice… but man few others were hell nasty… cutting and burning the skin urrrrgh…
    Speaking of body modifications… Recently doctors put a pipe in my body (VP Shunt) to fix something related to brain and I’m so afraid it won’t cause an infection… but these people have several objects under their body without any fear… In our part of world, its difficult to live completely fit body… I wonder why would somebody split their tongue in two or do some other such thing…

    • It is indeed difficult to comprehend the thinking behind some of these tattoos and body modifications, but I’m glad people do it. It makes life more interesting. And, no, I wouldn’t worry at all about an infection given some of the things we’ve seen in this series.

  5. I hope these people know you can’t collect disability because of a stupidly placed tattoo, and unemployment is not permanent. Maybe they should design paintings or do creative ceramics.

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