Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 4: The Shock and Awe Edition

While working on the previous segment in the Tattoo Madness series, I realized that it would be unfair not to warn my dear readers who enjoy The Velvet Rocket at work of a post that could possibly cause them to run afoul of their company’s internet usage monitoring service. Hence, a separate post is created below to display some of the more shocking material I have discovered. Of course, there is some tamer content mixed in as well in the interest of providing some diversity.

Let’s ease into this…

Some people pay to have varicose veins removed. This guy took the opposite approach.

tattoo of veins

Ummm… Interesting?

brain tattoo

Check out the tattoos below that these chicks got after they were fully pregnant. What will the tattoos look like after they give birth? Horrible, would be my guess.

tattoos when pregnant

pregnancy tattoos

Imagine if this tattoo were on a chick that got pregnant! That would be some spooky-looking shit.

the best guy tattoo?

It would be great to have this chick standing next to you the next time you were stuck in a line. You could just stare at her leg for a while.

London Legs Tattoo

Check out this butt tattoo. Do you like the twin penises arcing out?

butt tattoo

I’m afraid that is not the last word in ass tattoos though. It gets worse. Check this shit out!

asshole tattoo

butthole tattoo

It gets even worse though. Much worse. You’ve been warned.

scariest tattoo ever

I still shudder every time I see that.

While you’re contemplating the pictures above, perhaps you could explain this tattoo to me?

corndog tattoo

Or this bacon tattoo?

unusual tattoos

Now the one below I certainly understand the appeal of. Goats are awesome.

goat tattoos

And while I wouldn’t necessarily get these tattoos, I can at least appreciate their beauty, creativity or the talent required to produce them:

chinese tattoo

railroad tattoo

train tattoo

amazing tattoo

death tattoo

incredible tattoo

I love this one.

connect the dots tattoo

awesome tattoo

good Japanese tattoos

I’m afraid I couldn’t quite muster the same level of appreciation for these:

What the fuck is this and why would you place it permanently on your body?

sick tattoos

awful tattoo

horrible tattoo

And while I can identify these, I can’t quite see the appeal of permanent placement on one’s body:

excessive tattoos

body tattoos

creepy tattoo

And these just turn my stomach – the flesh removal tattoos:

flesh removal tattoo


I mean, look at this fucking process!

scar tattoo

These are the chunks of flesh carved out of her body.

chunks of flesh

The end result is below. Not worth it to me…

scar tattoo

These burned skin tattoos disturb me as well:

skin burning tattoos

burned skin tattoo

burn tattoos

This didn’t disgust me as those above did and the tattoo actually looks pretty cool, but the process looks pretty brutal, doesn’t it?

brutal tattoo

And speaking of brutal, check out this body modification and tattoo mix:

body modification with tattoos

These tattoos at least made me laugh:

creative use of body hair for this tattoo

clever tattoo

boot tattoo

greatest tattoos

funny tattoos

funny armpit tattoo

The true NASCAR tattoo.

NASCAR tattoo

Remember 2 Girls 1 Cup?

2 girls 1 cup tattoo

finger tattoo

Well, as long as we’re on the subject of penises, check this out:

penis tattoo

Not to be outdone, the girls certainly get in on the act in a big way as well:

incredible tattoo

homer tattoo

vagina tattoo

I thought this fallopian tube tattoo was, ummm, interesting.

fem tattoo

Get ready for this next set:

really scary tattoo

nasty tattoo

tattoos on grandmother

Of course, people voluntarily do this to themselves, so whatever the fuck…

wild tattoos

insane tattoos

hot tattoos

crazy neck tattoo

shocking tattoos

scary tattoos

Be sure to read what is written on his eyelids:

ugly tattoos

As always, I’ll try to end on a positive note:

brilliant tattoo

provocative tattoo

sexy tattoo models

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17 thoughts on “Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 4: The Shock and Awe Edition

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  4. This section really grossed me out. Why the hell some people have such weird tastes? I would say an horrendous taste…
    The post is surely quite interesting and unique. :P

  5. Is it really voluntarily? I mean the guy with the red hair and all the shit in his face, come on, I understand we all have differences in taste but that’s just plain wrong, some of these people have issues and a good tattoo artist would say so.
    Tell them listen man, that aint such a hot idea.

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  7. Most of these are disturbing as hell. In a better world these people would be shot for gross stupidity or at the very least sterilised.

    That said the reapers, skulls and geisha is incredible artwork. A portrait of those pieces would like nice on ones wall, it just doesn’t belong on human skin where it’s going to look horrible as the skin ages and cracks.

  8. Using a penis health creme after getting a tattoo down there helps keep the skin smooth while warding off potential infections. These cremes are really helpful. Just make sure you get a good one that only contains vitamins and nutrients. You don’t want any side effects.

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