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Colombian Motorcycle Regulations

I was intrigued by the motorcycle regulations in Colombia. Although the picture below is far from perfect it helps to illustrate the fact that all riders are required to have their license plate numbers prominently displayed on a vest they are required to wear as well as their helmet (also required). This is, of course, in addition to the normal license plate on the vehicle itself.

I don’t know of the reason for these regulations, but I don’t think I would like it. Actually, I know I wouldn’t like it:

Colombian motorcycle regulations

A guy I worked with in London the last time I lived here was really into motorcycles and not so into the ubiquitous speed cameras that infest Britain’s roads. So, he came up with an ingeniously simple solution by attaching a small hinge to his motorcycle’s license plate. Thus, when he was simply working his way through London’s traffic or if he observed a police car, he would keep the license plate flipped down and displayed as legally required. However, on the open road, he would reach back and flip the license plate up (thus obscuring it from the cameras) and it was off to the races for him with full peace of mind.

The Colombian motorcycle regs would pose a bit of a problem for him, huh?

One thought on “Colombian Motorcycle Regulations

  1. Its due to crime. In my country we´ve seen homicides commited on road crossings over motorcycles, and US style plates dont help at all…

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