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A Brief Visit With Mr. Tumbus In Tumbus, Sudan

Not much is known about Mr. Tumbus (the statue below)…

He is located just outside the village of Tumbus and this was an area of Nubian civilizations. Tumbus itself housed an important granite quarry in the Pharaonic era.  Not much is known beyond that.

Supposedly, an effort was made to relocate Mr. Tumbus to the National Museum in Khartoum, but during this effort, Mr. Tumbus tumbled over and was too heavy to move further. So, following this affront to his dignity, he remains on his side in the exact spot where he was toppled.


As with most stops, we immediately attracted the attention of the local children who came out to greet us and to inspect us.




It was exceptionally hot in Tumbus (even by Sudanese standards), so we were soon back in the shade:



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