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Montenegro and The Republic of Dubrovnik

Montenegro… We thought it looked more like a Scandinavian country than a Baltic one. I mean, look at the pictures:






The Republic of Dubrovnik – a piece of Croatia isolated from the rest of the country in order to give Bosnia-Herzegovina a small section of coastline…


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Republic of Dubrovnik

Republic of Dubrovnik

Republic of Dubrovnik

Man in Republic of Dubrovnik

Republic of Dubrovnik

Marble street in Dubrovnik

I know what you’re thinking… Dubrovnik and Montenegro are too pretty and too tame for Team Ames. Don’t worry though, this is what Dubrovnik looked like in 1991:

Dubrovnik in 1991

Dubrovnik during war with Serbia in 1991

Over 68% of the buildings in the Old City were struck by Serb artillery shells in 1991-92.  And The New York Times estimated Dubrovnik suffered 200 dead and 900 wounded during this period which destroyed more than 3,000 residences and damaged 5,500 buildings.

You see, the southern end of Croatia is of great tactical importance:  The northern shore of the Bay of Kotor, where the Yugoslav Navy was based, is in what is now Croatia.  When Croatia declared independence from what had been Yugoslavia (Serbian controlled), Serbians feared that the navy would be denied its best harbor and went to war in this area to try and keep Dubrovnik – pitting Croatian Army forces directly against the Serbian-led Yugoslav Army.

Croatian forces eventually prevailed, pressing their offensive against the Yugoslav Army, by firing cannons from hilltop positions three miles southeast of Dubrovnik while squads of commandos worked their way along the rugged coast to force the Serbs back into Montenegro.

Dubrovnik being shelled in 1991

Dubrovnik in 1991

4 thoughts on “Montenegro and The Republic of Dubrovnik

  1. Can’t wait to go to the Balkans. Team Ames need to mix some quite-pretty countries with a bunch of badly damaged places. :P

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