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Straddling the border of Somalia and Ethiopia, Wajaale is where my Italian and I crossed into Somalia. It’s a real frontier border town with no frills or attractiveness.


Below is the first Ethiopian border post we came to… Everyone is dragged off the bus and extensively searched – the guards paw through your luggage, grope your crotch, etc.  We didn’t have to pay a bribe though.

The first border post is definitely better (and more organized) than the second Ethiopian checkpoint which is inside Wajaale and literally right on the border. There, they will try to steal your money or whatever they can unless you stand up for yourself (we did and kept our money).


Still at the first border post… This a look back at the way we had come and, as you can see, it is really in the middle of nowhere:


Walking into Wajaale:


The heart of Wajaale:


This tree more or less epitomizes the plight of nature in this part of the world… Abused, if it is not being met with indifference, and surrounded by trash:


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