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Hiller Tunnel

Ever since Brandon and I visited Hiller Tunnel at Malakoff Diggins last summer (and took the picture you can see below) we have wanted to venture into its mysterious depths… We would have headed up the cave that day, but lacked any lights (which are definitely needed).


So, what better time to do so than in the middle of winter after heavy rains and as it was growing dark? We couldn’t think of a better time either…

Here I am at the entrance just before I went in. The stick was because I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet since the water was so clouded. Also, the picture doesn’t really do this justice, but the water was coming out of there pretty fast and it was extremely cold (we were surrounded by snow). Lastly, the shape of the tunnel amplifies the sound of the water and so once I stepped inside, it was deafening…


Here are my comments and analysis after exiting the tunnel…

Where would I be without my support crew?


Brandon searching for me near the exit…


Coming out of the tunnel…


And onto higher ground…


As with swimming across Jeff’s Pond, I stopped feeling any sensation of cold in my extremities after a few moments. My mother said that was a sign of hypothermia. Well, if it is, then hypothermia isn’t too bad.

Looking sexy as hell after stripping off my wet clothes. Yeah, I know I look like a dork. That’s the point…


Brandon shot this solid picture as we were leaving…


Even if you don’t feel like going up Hiller Tunnel, check out Malakoff Diggins. There’s a monstrous beauty there resembling a miniature Grand Canyon, with rust-tipped white formations resembling minarets and towers all touched with green pine. It serves as an eerie monument to man’s greed and ingenuity…

5 thoughts on “Hiller Tunnel

  1. Oh, you did go to Malakoff! I went there two weeks ago, but the tunnel was flooded, so I couldn’t explore it. The Humbug Trail was slippery with mud because of the rain. I had to go back after 2/3 of the way, without reaching the Yuba. >sigh<

  2. That’s too bad about Humbug Trail. I have a post about Humbug Trail I need to put up – definitely worth the hike…

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