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The Moods of Lake Ontario

Believe it or not, these photos (and the video) were all shot in the span of one afternoon. Conditions change quickly on Lake Ontario…

The morning was stormy. Howling winds whipped the water up and drove flurries of snow in all directions:

storm lake ontario



But, just two hours after the above were taken, Lake Ontario looked like this… Spray from the earlier waves has frozen to this bush, turning it into a modern art sculpture. And in the background, one can just make out Toronto:

ice lake ontario

The geese and swans, taking advantage of the calmer weather, emerge to forage for food:


A calm, placid Lake Ontario:

Lake Ontario

The frothy, churning waters of just a few hours ago are now as smooth as glass:

calm lake ontario

A good metaphor for the constant change presented to us by life?


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