Quote Of The Day: Risk


Although risk-taking has negative aspects and can even prove fatal, it is a positive force as well. Without risky experiences, humanity would stagnate; there would be little impetus for discovery. Risk-taking was obviously adaptive in earlier hominids. The trait persists—but there is little left to explore. What is more, work is anything but exciting for many people.

Modern life, with its protected cultures and curtailment of war, has not wiped out the need for excitement. Some people find it through other people, in relationships and sex. Others need more of a thrill, and go hang-gliding or bungee-jumping, although the most common everyday outlet for sensation-seeking is reckless driving. My work has shown that people have basic need for excitement—and one way or another, they will fulfill it.

5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Risk

  1. IN MY OPINION, Writer has a valid point. It is my own observation many whom are limited to taking risks or “just live a free fulfiling life” Risk taking might just be the extreme side of the scale of fulfilling life. Many who don’t live a passionate fulfilling life will try to fulfill the need thru those who do. Finding life purpose in others… Some parents live thru their children. Inmates in prison enviroments are very regulated, structured and repetitive, Lacking the opportunity for risk and rebellion without direct negitive consequence. Therefore, many are hanging on every word of others with outside experiences of life in progress. Justin hit it on the head of the nail when stating “everyone has a need for excitement” I also believe most everyone needs a sense of life purpose…From SENNA to ELVIS PRESLEY? Where on the scale of life fulfillment do you find risk taking?

    Book inspiration; David Deida, good read about mastering life challages thru living on the edge… M.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. There are entire square feet of my work cubicle that remain unexplored. So far.

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