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Nazareth was captured by the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799, during his Syrian campaign. Napoleon took the time to visit the holy sites and then moved on to new conquests…

This is what Nazareth looked like a little less than one hundred years after Napoleon visited:

nazareth historical

And this is what Nazareth looks like when you enter it now:

entering nazareth

Many people visit Nazareth because of its religious significance. In the New Testament, the city is identified as the childhood home of Jesus, and is thus a center of Christian pilgrimage. Shrines commemorating biblical events can be found scattered across the city:



The Church of the Annunciation… This is the largest church in the Middle East and one of the Christian world’s most holy sites. The church is said to stand on the site of Mary’s home, where the angel Gabriel supposedly appeared to her with some interesting news:


This is the interior of St Joseph’s Church which occupies the site said to be that of Joseph’s carpentry shop:

church of st joseph

However, I’m not really that into churches (aside from an architectural standpoint such as with Ulm Cathedral in Germany).

It is far more enjoyable to me to wander around and explore a town:




nazareth cemetery


And to meet animals:


And also to meet people:

nazareth fruit seller

Despite its historical connections to Christianity, Nazareth is an Arab town where 70% of the population are Muslims. In fact, Nazareth is known as “the Arab capital of Israel” which comes as a surprise to some:





This is a factory we visited where they process spices:

nazareth spice factory

A spice warehouse inside the small factory:

nazareth spice warehouse

A bakery we patronized:

nazareth bakery







In July 2006 a rocket fired by Hezbollah during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict killed two children near here:



5 thoughts on “Nazareth

  1. Hi Justin. Although you’re not big on churches, thanks for these pix. Your pic of the staircases is beautifully executed – reminds me of a Vassaraly gone normal. Incidentally, the dangling loofah with the spices is identical, except shorter, than the loofahs I was buying last year in Mosul, Iraq. This design is the preffered one for its easy manoeverablity. Go well. Jan

  2. I love the photos of the spice shop, bakery and outdoor food stalls – reminds me of Turkey
    interesting photos – not the usual pretty scenery type photos

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