Who’s Fighting Assad In Syria?

Below is a partial list of the rebel groups that are fighting Assad and by default Hezbollah, Iran and Russia inside Syria

In almost any conflict, the name of the game is “size, money and momentum,” with ideology a distant fourth. For the anti-Assad fighters in Syria, this reality is no different and right now, whether the West likes it or not, the momentum is all on the side of one ideology — pure Islamism. They have become the dominant fighting forces thanks to cash, training and weapons from the Gulf states (along with Turkey and Saudi Arabia).


Syrian Martyrs’ Brigade (Idlib province)
Ammar bin Yassir battalion (Idlib province)
Hamzah Al-Khateeb battalion (Idlib city)
Al-Furqan battalion (Idlib province)
Harmoush battalion (Idlib province)
Martyrs Ma’arat Nu’man battalion (Idlib province)
Shield of Islam battalion (Idlib province)
Salaheddine Al-Ayoubi battalion (Jisr ash-Shugur)
Qashoush battalion (Hama city)
Aboul Fidaa battalion (Hama province)
Saad Bin Moaz battalion (Hama province)
Al Nasser Brigades
Ziaab al-Ghab Brigade
Moawiyah Bin Abi Sufian (Damascus city)
Houriyeh battalion (Aleppo city)
Ababeel battalion (Aleppo province)
Lions of Shahba battalion (Aleppo province)
Saad Allah Al-Jabiri battalion (Aleppo province)
Omari battalion (Daraa/Hauran)
Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash battalion (As-Suwayda)
Qassam battalion (Jableh)
Suqur battalion (Latakia)
Samer Nunu battalion (Baniyas)
Mishaal Tammo battalion (Qamishli)
Odai Al-Tayi battalion (Hasakah)
Omar Ibn al-Khattab battalion (Deir ez-Zor city)
Moaz Al-Raqad battalion (Deir ez-Zor province)
Osoud al Sunna Brigade (Deir ez-Zor province)
Zi Qar Brigade (Deir ez-Zor province)
Al Moata Brigade (Deir ez-Zor province)
Allahu Akbar battalion (Abu Kamal)
Dawn of Freedom battalion (Homs province)
Ramy Al-Sayeed battalion (Homs province)
Rijal al Umma Brigade (Homs province)
Tel Kalakh Martyrs’ battalion (Homs province)
Shuhada al Badiya Brigade (Homs province)
Al Karama Brigade (Homs province)
Ahmad Nayif Al-Sukhni battalion (Ar-Raqqah)
Abu Obeidah bin Al-Jarrah battalion (Damascus province)
Souqour Dimashq battalion (Damascus city)
Osama bin Laden brigade (Damascus city)
Liwaa al-Umma
Turkmen Brigades
Syrian Islamic Liberation Front
Al-Tawhid Brigade
Kurdish Salaheddine Battalion
Suqour al-Sham Brigade
Farouq Brigades
Liwa al-Islam
Deir ez-Zor Revolutionary Council
Tajamo Ansar al-Islam
Amr Ibn al-Aas Brigade
Free Syrian Army
Army of Mohammed
Hawks Brigades
Qamishli Kurds
Syria al-Naser Salaheddin Brigade
Liwa Dawud
Hawks Sham brigades
Farouq Islamic Brigades
Banner of Islam
Unification Brigade
Council Rebels of Deir ez-Zor
Furqan Brigade
Hamza al-Ansar Brigade
Ebad Idlib Ma’arrat of Rahman al-Nu’man Brigade
Open Brigade (Aleppo)
Brigade of Homs (Homs)
Mohammed bin Abdullah Brigade (Homs)
Return of the Martyr Ahmed Battalion (Homs)
National Liberation Movement (Homs)
Household Brigade (Hama)
Brigades of God (Lattakia)
Izz ibn Abd al-Salam Brigades (Lattakia)
Council of Banias (Tartous)
Tartous Military (Tartous)
Syrian Islamic Front branches
Islamic Front
Ahrar ash-Sham
Al-Haqq Brigade
Al-Fajr Islamic Movement
Ansar al-Sham
Jaysh al-Tawhid
Hamza ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib Brigade
Haqq Battalions Gathering
Islamic Vanguard Group
Islamic Dawn Movement
Fighting Faith Battalions
Moussaab bin Omeir Battalion
Suqour al-Islam Battalions
Special Assignments Companies
Authenticity and Development Front
Syria Authenticity and Development Front
Southern Front
Battalion for the People of Damascus
Saarim Battalion
Muawiyah Battalion
The Zamalka Martyrs Brigade
Originality Battalion
Imam Bukhari Battalion
Northern Front
Nur ad-Din Brigades
Impacting People Brigade
Criterion Brigades
Free Izzat Circuit Brigade
Right Jund
Armour Brigade of the Nation
Right Brigade
Alababil Brigade
Banner of Freedom
Black Brigade of War
Battalion of the Martyr Ismail Al-Abdullah
Western Front
First Brigade
Brigade of the Martyr Hamza al-Khatib
Brigade of the Martyr Riyad Abdeen
Central Front
I Corps
People Brigades
Miqdad ibn al-Aswad Battalion
Short Brigade
Ancestors Battalion
Sincerity Brigade
Eastern Front
Promise of Victory Brigade
Impact on People Brigade
Black Tawhid Year Brigade
Allahu Akhbar Brigades
Stationed Brigades
Hudhaifah bin al-Yaman Battalion
Muawiyah Battalion
Impact on People Battalion
Hawks of the Year Brigade
Hamza Brigade

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