Prohibition Technology

I discovered this in an antique shop and thought it was interesting enough to merit sharing with my dear readers…

This bottle, made during the Prohibition era, was designed to look like a piece of wood so that it could be hidden in a pile of firewood or the equivalent:


For my foreign readers that may not be as familiar with American history, from 1920 to 1933 alcohol was illegal in the United States. Congress even went so far as to add an amendment to the Constitution banning alcohol (the 18th amendment). This ban on alcohol was called “Prohibition” and the movement supporting this “Prohibition” was led by the usual list of suspects that can’t seem to leave people alone – social Progressives on the left and right, rigid Protestants, etc.

Naturally, “Prohibition” was a dramatic failure. A massive black market was created the instant alcohol was made illegal and served to send crime rates soaring – enriching organized crime, the Kennedy family, etc. Amazingly, it is still illegal to produce distilled spirits in one’s own home without meeting an overwhelming number of licensing requirements.


Such creations as the clever bottle above are a testament to human ingenuity and are further evidence of the futility of banning alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling, books, free speech, etc.

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