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Leaving Khartoum? Where Are Your Papers?

This was supposed to be in the “Photo Of The Day” category, but the title would have been too clumsy to tack “Photo Of The Day” in front of it. So, surprise! This is a Photo Of The Day…

Actually, it’s going to be a bit more than that because an explanation is needed.

It is extremely difficult to get into Sudan. In fact, it is the most difficult visa I have ever gotten and I’ve gotten some difficult visas… Essentially, without the aid of a local, one is out of luck in regard to obtaining a Sudanese visa. And, even if you do get your hands on a Sudanese visa, should you wish to leave the confines of Khartoum, the difficulties only increase.

Official permission is required in order to venture outside of Khartoum. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Yeah, OK, official permission in a place like Sudan is a flexible thing.” Not in this case. This is one they take seriously and it is not possible to bluff or bribe one’s way past this one (Well, at least a bribe that is within reasonable limits). So, visit the necessary offices in Khartoum in order to get the needed paperwork, stamps and signatures. It’s worth the hassle to see more of Sudan.

Our documents and official permission being very carefully scrutinized at the checkpoint leading out of Khartoum:


Unfortunately, our driver and fixer in the picture above, who was an absolutely great guy, is now deceased.

5 thoughts on “Leaving Khartoum? Where Are Your Papers?

    • Yes, Khartoum is interesting, but the rest of Sudan is far more interesting. Get your visas and permissions together and get out there, Joy…

    • Hey Raymond,

      Shortly after our visit, he came down with something that had symptoms similar to typhoid or cholera. I’m not sure which disease it was, but it killed him. Life can be extinguished pretty easily in environments like Sudan…

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