Programming Notes # 33

No, The Velvet Rocket has not been forgotten. Instead, we have found ourselves in an awkward situation following our trip to the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. We obtained a lot of great material – some of our best ever – and have multiple projects in the pipeline right now, but news flow through the outlets we work with is in slow motion at the moment because the media is so obsessed with Trump news. So, there is a lot that is pending to publish on here, but I can’t post it until the media organizations with which we shared our content publish first.

In the meantime, we have continued visiting interesting places and are in the position of having more content than it is likely we will ever be able to publish (still, we shall do our best in between the many demands of modern life). Rather than continuing to wait for the Ukraine content to break out of the world’s news rooms though, we shall drift on to other topics, such as some of our more recent destinations, and will come back to Ukraine when possible.

The video side of The Velvet Rocket has historically been supplementary to the content being published on here. However, while it still plays that role, I decided last year that I wished to give it a focus and personality of its own that is distinct from this aspect of The Velvet Rocket. As such, there has been a fair amount of work done on our channel. This effort appears to be a success given the viewer feedback and increase in subscribers.

We leave in a few hours to head back to Kurdistan and Iraq for the first time in 2017. The primary purpose of this trip is an embed with the Italian Army, but we shall also follow up with some of our new and old friends in Kurdistan to see which other stories may be out there.

Thank you to all of you for your continued readership/viewership and support.


5 thoughts on “Programming Notes # 33

  1. So the downside is, if the media organisations you shared your content with never publish as time goes on and they become outdated, that you cannot ever post those articles ?

    • Nah, they get around to them – it just takes time… As a freelancer, I do feature stories rather than breaking news stories most of the time. So, my stuff usually isn’t that time sensitive.

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