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The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands To Do… (Wagoncross)

During a break remodeling the Ames estate, I was struck with an idea on how to make productive use of a wagon/pushcart we were allowing to just sit idle… Gearing up… Heading to the launch pad… These hills are steeper than they look in the films and on the final run, Brandon indicated that I … Continue reading

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Hurtling Toward Greatness (At Least In Oregon House)

Another expedition into the Wilds… For literally decades I have wondered about the course of the unnamed tributary (pictured below) in Oregon House, California. Recently, on a trip to Oregon House with Brandon and Amanda, I made an offhand comment about my desire to explore this watershed and, although it was late in the day, … Continue reading

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Birthday Ultimateness (Do I have an awesome family or what?)

All of this took place in the span of less than 24 hours last weekend… Brandon showed up early Saturday for his surprise birthday party (he thought we were going on a skiing trip).  Embracing the ambiguity of the situation (and wishing to continue the celebration), Brandon almost immediately proposed that we go shooting instead … Continue reading