Introducing Elle Daly and Grand Theft Auto

Who says getting your car stolen is a bad thing? Once again, the conventional wisdom is wrong. I have a new roommate (So, yeah, I’m living with four girls now) and her story serves to illustrate my point well. This is the girl I’m referring to – Elle Daly…

Justin Camera 478

About a month ago, Elle had her Honda Civic stolen. Her stolen car was well-used, having made several cross-country trips and enduring many a Philadelphia and Boston winter. So, perhaps needless to say, when her car was stolen it was starting to show its age. Having one’s car stolen is rarely convenient, but Elle made the most of it. Two weeks later, Elle’s car was recovered by the California Highway Patrol after it was discovered abandoned by the side of a busy street. Upon taking possession of the vehicle, Elle realized that her car had been thoroughly cleaned inside and out. In addition, the car had brand new brakes in the front and back. And as if that were not enough, the Honda was now featuring a very expensive and high-quality stereo system. Lastly, Elle found that she was in possession of a slightly used crack pipe the thief had left on the back seat. Could one honestly hope for more?

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