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Ghost Rider – Part 1

This has nothing to do with the comic book character. And if you don’t think this is just awesome then I seriously believe there is something wrong with you…

Uppsala Run – Part 1 (Don’t worry, the annoying opening text soon goes away)

Uppsala Run – Part 2

Now, perhaps not surprisingly, Ghost Rider has quite a cult following. The internet teems with controversy and debate about Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider rumors, lies and exaggerations abound and can confuse even the most committed researcher. As such, I will attempt to rise to the challenge to distill the truth and separate the fact from fiction in a future posting.

One thought on “Ghost Rider – Part 1

  1. Hi, Justin…

    I was searching for some bio on Ghost Rider and am thrilled to find your thoughts and experiences by internet link. I read “Suicide Hill”
    Your writing feels like a close friend speaking. In fact, you resemble Aaron Smith, a buddy from way back.
    Justin, are you Aaron in the witness protection program????
    Look forward to email notifications for new posts.
    Thank you for your gift of sharing who you are, where you have been.

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