Bad Facial Hair Contest

My friends and I constantly strive to take things over the top, but sometimes over the top just isn’t far enough… It was from such a cosmic conundrum that we reached the theoretical facial hair depths.

Ryan McCauley is seen below sporting a winning combination in January of 2007. I sported a very similar style the week before that inspired Ryan to match my throwing down of the facial hair gauntlet. For the record, neither Ryan or I are employed by Liberty Mutual anymore. Hmmmmm. Nah, there couldn’t be a connection…


Anyway, Ryan and I felt that things had indeed been taken over the top, but still not quite far enough. So, we consulted our lunch crew (comprised of both men and women) and engaged in much debate and discussion to try and come up with the worst possible facial hair styling.

The best we came up with were two possibilities:

A: Fuzzy lips – this would be someone that was clean-shaven, but left a perfect ring of hair right around their lips. Admittedly bad, but I think the next one would be even worse…

B: Full neck beard and nothing else – the one I came up with. This would involve someone with a completely clean-shaven face, but a thick, bushy beard on their neck only. How punk rock would that be?

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Unfortunately, Ryan and I left the company before we were able to bring these ideas into fruition. So, these gems remain untested and unproven. Does anyone have the courage to grab the torch of greatness and take things beyond over the top? I certainly hope so.

2 thoughts on “Bad Facial Hair Contest

  1. I anticipated such comments. The simple answer is that I feel a corporate environment is needed to best display bad facial hair. Nothing else would engender the sort of visceral reaction we’re looking for…

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