"Normal" Places We Go

Great Roadside Attractions

I love roadside attractions. Where else can you find stuff like this?

I’ll bet you never even knew something like this existed, but now that you’ve seen a wicker motorcycle you must have one, right?


And who wouldn’t want one of these lovely ladies in their home or yard with them?




Or how about this handsome fellow?


And you would have to have something very seriously wrong with you not to crave having these lovelies strewn across your yard…


How badass would it be to have one of these in your car or truck or whatever and just drive around with it?


The owners of the establishment featuring the items pictured above were quite friendly. If you need anything pictured visit roadsiderelicsandmore.com

If you’re not into larger than life figurines made of fiberglass, how about some of these antique medicine bottles?



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