North Korea’s Kangso Mineral Water Factory
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North Korea’s Kangso Mineral Water Factory

Bottles waiting to be filled and sealed at the Kangso Mineral Water Factory: The location of this factory in North Korea is not random. Hundreds of feet beneath the factory are large aquifers of pure water that have been naturally carbonated by carbon dioxide (CO2) trapped deep underground. The carbon dioxide is freed from carbonate … Continue reading

Visiting The Republic Of Molossia:  Part 1 of 2
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Visiting The Republic Of Molossia: Part 1 of 2

The gateway to the Republic of Molossia: As promised earlier, the scene report from Molossia is finally here… ***** It’s a sad fact that Americans don’t get much international travel experience when compared to Europeans or those from other wealthy nations. Perhaps this is because the United States is a large country and there is … Continue reading


Photo Of The Day: Anonymus

The title is not a spelling error… You can find out more about who Anonymus was here. Below is his statue on the grounds of Budapest’s Vajdahunyad Castle: Vajdahunyad Castle: One of the interesting sights on the grounds of Vajdahunyad Castle: The above pictures were taken in the summer of 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. Continue reading