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Bullards Bar Dam Pictures and Assessment – Part 2: The Back

This is the entrance to the massive spillway on the front side of New Bullards Bar Dam. Obviously, water levels were significantly down when this sequence was shot…

bullards bar dam

These gates are just massive – the pictures don’t do them justice…


We soon threw increasingly large rocks into the water – requiring the maximum efforts of both Brandon and me working together…


The water’s pretty, right?



bullards bar

These footprints in the base of the dam are at least 40 years old. I wonder if the construction worker that made them is even alive anymore?


We climbed up onto the platforms using some old driftwood… This should make it easier to understand how large these gates are. This is just part of one of them…

bullards bar gates

Getting down was less technical…


Click to go to Part 1: The Front


4 thoughts on “Bullards Bar Dam Pictures and Assessment – Part 2: The Back

  1. Ok, so I totally randomly got here while I was searching something else, but loved your pictures. Very awesome. My dad was actually a civil engineer who designed dams, so we saw quite a few while growing up, and I actually appreciate how cool that is! :D

    Rock on!

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