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Southern Exposure – Part 3

The following set of pictures was taken whilst traveling through Louisiana… Frankly, I’m still sick of hearing about Hurricane Katrina and the recent hype over Hurricane Gustav has only served to bring this topic (which I had joyfully thought was fading away) back into focus. As such, I have included not a single New Orleans or hurricane picture.

The swamps and bayous of Louisiana have always fascinated me. I’m not sure if it is the biology, the history or the James Bond movie Live and Let Die (perhaps it was all of these and more). Regardless, I was not disappointed by the swamps and hence they comprise the entirety of this 3rd Southern Exposure post.





I came to discover that some people have never left the swamps. Literally. They were born out there and have never been to a town. Their entire lives revolve around the bayous and swamps. Part of me is fascinated by this, given the unique lives they lead and the level of knowledge these individuals must possess about the swamps.




As I was traveling through the South with Mr. Downing, I noticed an obese man wearing a t-shirt with a message on it that really stuck with me. It read:

“It’s a Southern thang, you wouldn’t understand”

Sir, you were right. You were absolutely right.


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