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The Longest Escalator In The World?

Well, it is certainly the longest I have ever seen or heard about…  This is in Kiev, Ukraine and is the way down to the city’s subway system which is very, very far underground.  The escalator moves quite quickly by Western standards, but it still takes several minutes to get to the bottom.

longest escalator in the world


8 thoughts on “The Longest Escalator In The World?

  1. I made a movie of the whole thing when I encountered it. I think it was 7 minutes or something like that, if its the same one I was on. I was told that the subway was also the bomb shelter, thats why it was so deep.

    • The North Koreans claim that they have the longest escalators in the world, but after riding both, I still have the impression that the escalators in Kiev are longer.

  2. Just stumbled across this aimlessly surfing the net, apparently the longest single escalator in the world is in Russia. There is a longer 226m (741ft) one in Hong Kong, but it’s multiple escalators joined into one escalator line. Anyway, here is a snippet of the text.

    “…the longest of all these are in the Park Pobedy station of the Moscow Metro: opened in 2003, they are 126 m (413ft) long…Deep-level stations in St. Petersburg and Kiev have escalators up to approximately 100 m (330ft) long.”

    So there you have it.

    Also while reading about this I realised a bit of cool trivia about Arsenalna Metro, the deepest in the world, and the N1 manned lunar launch vehicle, a really impressive rocket that was a thing of aesthetic beauty (most rockets are just big boring tubes), that only Soviet rocket buffs such as myself or Justin would find interesting. (he has a pic of a Proton launcher as his background on twitter)

    Arsenalna metro is 105m deep and the N1 was 105m in height, so the station is as deep as the N1 was tall! How cool is that! ;)

    • Thank you for the additional info, EK. Few people appreciate the aesthetics of rocketry… I am delighted that you do.

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