Done Deal… Justin Ames Is A British Citizen

Today was the big day. After all of the hard work by myself and my agents, I went down to the Camden Town Hall with Eleonora for the 10:00 ceremony to become a British citizen.

Ready and waiting for action:


The woman speaking in the picture below is the agent that assisted me in preparing my documents for Home Office approval. I found out today that she is the superintendent of the facility. Perhaps that helped speed things along?


This is the mayor of Camden delivering a speech about the benefits of British citizenship and extolling the virtues of Camden as a part of the citizenship ceremony.

The mayor of Camden in London

And these individuals cheering me on are some of my legions of fans and supporters that turned out for Justin’s big day.


This video is of me going up after my name was called to shake hands with the mayor and receive my certificate:

And here it is… This is what all the fuss is about:


Worth much more than its weight in gold… Free healthcare, the ability to work and live in any EU country, an extra source of assistance in case one gets in trouble (It will be really nice to have Italian citizenship in regard to this concern because the Italian government pays ransoms to prevent its citizens from being beheaded when they are abducted), etc., etc.


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