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S/V Legend

The sailing ship "Legend" now based in Norway

1915 – Built in Scheveningen as a sailing trader/fishing vessel

1917 – During World War I she is reported missing in the English Channel

1925 – Found abandoned in the Congo River by a Scheveningen fisherman who brings her back to the Netherlands

1928 – First engine installed

1926-1940 – Operates mostly as a cargo ship in the northern seas

During World War II, she is involved in running arms for the Norwegian Resistance.

1944 – She is once again reported missing

– This time she reappears in Newfoundland. No trace is found of the crew or what/where she has been for the past three years.

After being brought back to the Netherlands she resumes operating as a cargo ship.

1955 – Sold to Norway

Spends the next 40 years along the Norwegian coast as a cargo and fishing ship. Also makes many voyages to Iceland and Greenland

1995 – Her trading days are over and she is converted back into a sailing ship.

Now available for charter…



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