Extreme Popsicle Injuries

The below is a bloody napkin.  The blood is mine.


And below, dear readers, you see an innocent looking popsicle… Yes, it looks harmless indeed – tempting and delicious even, particularly on a hot day.  But, I assure you that danger is very present in this scene.  The “myth” I had long ago dismissed about one’s tongue and/or lips sticking to a frozen surface (Remember the movie A Christmas Story?) is in fact emphatically not an old wives’ tale, dear readers. Do not make a fool of yourself as I did. If nothing else, it hurts.


4 thoughts on “Extreme Popsicle Injuries

  1. The same thing happened to my 2 year old… Her cheek and tongue got stuck. It was awful. Her face is bruised as a result. I contacted Popsicle and was called back by a snarky rude product specialist who made light of the situation and had no sympathy for my innocent 3 year old daughter. I kid you not the “effected Popsicle” sat in my unconditioned house on a 90 degree day for 45 minutes and did not melt… But there’s no reason to remove them from shelves. These were tropical sugar free pops and NOT slow melt. I’m disappointed that Popsicle took such a lax attitude.

  2. OMG, Justin, you just reminded me when one of my neighbor’s teenagers got very pissed at his facial acne. He thought that he’d try out a bold move and do what his (M.D.) Dermatologist did to his face each month. He thought it would be easy. Well the M.D. used solid carbon dioxide in a controlled manner and it cleared the cystic acne.
    Well, this lad used a can of compressed air in a can. He thought he aimed it properly but he got instant frostbite on his face and lost his eyesight in the process. As a scientist, I know how easy it can be to get burns either inhaled or on surface of skin. We’re supposed to be good at this sort of thing but nobody gets a free pass. Scares me to death how quickly we alter life in a heart beep…p.s. Micky sorry to hear about your agony and for Mel’s then 2-year old’s horrible experience.
    best wishes, Lucy

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