One’s Sole Purpose In Life

The following is excerpted from an email I just received from a friend of mine.  I thought it was worth sharing with my dear readers…

The reason we exist is to reproduce. In other words everything that I do in life, no matter how unrelated to the act of getting laid, is a cost against getting laid. Whether that is renting an apartment, shopping for a shirt, eating a post-dinner snack, taking a language class, or buying a book, it should all be counted towards my cost per notch. The apartment provides a space to bang my girl. The shirt is how I present myself to the girl. The snack provides sustenance to give me a pleasing appearance. The language class enables me to communicate. The book makes me a more cultured person able to have conversation with girls. And so on. The purpose for my entire being is for the act of sex, so everything that comes with being should be counted towards sex.


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