Étang Saumâtre and The Countryside of Haiti

I was playing with the settings on my camera as we crossed over the border from the Dominican Republic into Haiti. I thought the effect was kind of cool, especially as in the low light conditions regular pictures wouldn’t have turned out well anyway. Nevertheless, if you hate it, the rest of my Haiti pictures are of the normal variety.

This is on the Haiti side of the border checkpoint and the lake in the background is Étang Saumâtre. As you can see, it has flooded a section of the border post:

etang saumatre

A broader view of Étang Saumâtre… It is quite a large lake:

Étang Saumâtre

Fishermen setting out… There are alligators in the lake, so they have to stay focused:

haiti lake

Flooded woods on the edge of Étang Saumâtre:

Étang Saumâtre

A house being consumed by the lake:

Étang Saumâtre

Some scenes along the road to Port-au-Prince:

haiti countryside

haiti countryside

One of the nicer houses in the area:

haiti countryside

These people were picking through a field of rubble looking for edible plants:

haiti countryside

The first of many (but never enough) goats I would see in Haiti:

haiti goats

2 thoughts on “Étang Saumâtre and The Countryside of Haiti

  1. Nice pix! That’s my hometown. We would spend some summer weeks there near the lake. Reminiscent of a time when things were better in the early 80s. Thanks for sharing!

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