Painting Of The Day: Ivan Kramskoy

Ivan Kramskoy

The Unknown Woman, 1883

Ivan Kramskoy The Unknown Woman

Although a number of critics were indignant when the painting was first exhibited and condemned what they saw as a depiction of a haughty and immoral woman, its popularity has grown with changes in public taste.

Kramskoy remarked, “Some people have said it is not known who this woman is. Is she decent, or does she sell herself? But within her is an entire epoch.”

2 thoughts on “Painting Of The Day: Ivan Kramskoy

  1. I like the painting, but I’m missing any signs of immorality. Maybe you had to have lived in 19th century Russia to pick up on that.

    BTW, Happy Birthday!

    • It was suggested, based on her apparent confidence, that she must be a harlot. That’s where the immorality comes into play.

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