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Indian Wars Campaign Medal

Following Congressional approval on January 11, 1905, the Indian Wars Campaign Medal was authorized for wear by US Army personnel via General Order 12 in 1907. The medal was awarded for service in a variety of campaigns and engagements against Indian tribes throughout the western states between 1865 and 1891.


Personnel qualified for award of the Indian Wars Campaign Medal by participation in one of the following:

1) Service in Southern Oregon, Idaho, Northern California and Nevada between 1865 and 1868

2) Campaigns against the Comanches and Confederated Tribes in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and the Indian Territory between 1867 and 1875

3) The Modoc War in 1872 and 1873

4) The campaign against the Apaches in Arizona in 1873

5) The campaign against the Northern Cheyenne and Sioux in 1876 and 1877










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