Another Texting Fiasco – Elizabeth Heather

The winds of fate have blessed us with another texting story, dear reader. It will be interesting to see if this story generates as much controversy as our first texting story did.

This tale involves Elizabeth and her ex-boyfriend whom we will mercifully refer to simply as “G”.

“G” was Elizabeth’s first boyfriend and has/had been in love with her since 12-years-old. “G” would introduce Elizabeth to other girls as “my future wife” and would obsessively discuss her with other women he was dating after “G” and Elizabeth broke up. This makes the slip-up which will soon be detailed that much more remarkable.

Recently while at work, Elizabeth had an unexpected text conversation with “G”. The conversation is faithfully recreated below with grammar and punctuation relayed exactly as it appeared in the texts:

G: I love you so much Heather I want you in my life You mean so much to me

Elizabeth: I think you sent that to the wrong person

G: no i meant you

Elizabeth: Last time I checked, my name was Elizabeth

G: I know. I messed up. Sorry

End of conversation. Um, guys, if you’re going to deliver a message like that, try and get the chick’s name right. Bear in mind that predictive texting would not populate the name “Heather” if one started typing the name “Elizabeth” and that “G” additionally had to select the name “Elizabeth” in his list of cell phone contacts before sending her the “Heather” message. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “Another Texting Fiasco – Elizabeth Heather

  1. I LOVE DUMBASS GUYS. Makes me feel much better when I remember such instances in our time together with the “Chef”


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