How To Get Inspired To Write

My friend Ian (of ifitfeelsgooddoit.com fame) recently dedicated a post seeking to inspire those out there that complain of not knowing what to write about… Ian simply walked into a Dollar Tree store and wrote a review of it. Now, I have the opposite problem – too much to write about rather than too little. However, I also frequently hear complaints from people that claim not to be able to think of anything to write about. So, I conducted an experiment with Molly Boers to see what could be observed and reviewed at an average gas station. The results are below:

Does this look like anything but a turd?


Hard to not want to pick up a bag of these!


You know there has to be a great story behind this sign!


This was taped to the gas pump we filled up from.


Just open your eyes… There is great stuff to enjoy and write about everywhere! Even an event that may seem completely shitty at the time should be viewed as a wonderful opportunity to add to your collection of stories even if nothing else positive can be derived from it.

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