Been A Doorman Lately?

I held doors open for women on two separate occasions today and in both instances the women sauntered past and completely ignored me as if I were the doorman.

Girls, if a guy holds a door for you, he isn’t doing it because it is a hobby of his or for his health. He is being courteous and is doing you a favor. Acknowledge this. Is a polite “thank you” or even just a smile and a nod too much to ask?

I have discovered that a firm “you’re welcome” does a respectable job of getting my point across, but I really shouldn’t have to do that as frequently as I do…

Look, Katie even holds doors for Tom:


It’s not exactly related to the topic at hand, but it is kind of funny how much taller she is than him, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Been A Doorman Lately?

  1. Exactly! It makes ladies (woman not girls) look bad. It makes it that much harder for a good woman to be seen as a a lady, who follows the rules of todays ettiquette. It is not seen as woman being less capable. It is a courtesy and way of being polite, acknowledging you as a person, a lady!

  2. I always thank a door-holder (male or female) and always hold doors for others. I never considered it something that requires actual thought… it’s just second nature to me.

    Actually, I often get yelled at by guys (both that I’ve dated and guy friends) for not waiting for them to open the door for me. Oops.

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