A Brief Visit With Tyler and Amara

Kind of amazing really how much can happen during a simple errand or a short afternoon… The first sequence of events transpired while Nicki and I were merely going down the block for lunch…


First off, I spotted Alyssa and had to make an emergency stop at a gas station so we could go talk to her…

Now, Nicki accidentally pushed the “record” button while the camera was still in her pocket. So, the first part of this video won’t do much for you visually. However, crucially, it captures the exchange we had with Alyssa in which she blew us off like we were the crazy homeless people instead of her…

Next up was a very enthusiastic Superman.

Right when we got back from lunch, Amara came over. To keep everyone entertained, I proposed the Mentos and soda experiment. Everyone was game and so we drove to the market to purchase the required materials. On the drive back, Amara spotted Alyssa loitering at Burger King…

Soon it was on to the fun…

Mentos Experiment # 1

Mentos Experiment # 2

Mentos Experiment # 3

Preparing for Mentos Experiment # 4 We are forced to wait as first one car and then another drives by… I establish my street credibility by picking the Mentos I am about to jam in my mouth off of the ground…

Mentos Experiment # 4 What happens when you combine the explosive cocktail of Mentos and soda in your mouth? I found out for you, dear readers…

Mentos Experiment # 5 What happens when you dunk the Mentos in a soda can instead of a bottle?

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…


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